There's more to explore on Baltimore Avenue. You never know what's in store!

Time to Get Happy!

Happy Hour Meet & Greet on Monday, May 7th at Clarkville, 43rd + Baltimore Avenue


Clarkville was a very happenin’ place for last year’s Happy Hour Meet & Greet, so we’re revisiting this great source of pizza and beer this year. We sampled many flavors of hard cider, and we named our own pizza toppings for some creative flavors! Oh, and the drawing winners who walked home with a six pack of various ciders and beers, a gift certificate, and BABA bags were pretty happy, too. Come on down and get the lowdown on Baltimore Avenue.

Other Times and Places to Get Happy
Save the dates for these Fall gatherings:

Thursday, September 20th — Pentridge Station
Wednesday, November 7th — Queen of Sheba



Enjoy a stroll on Baltimore Avenue!

The Baltimore Avenue Business Association, (BABA), represents the businesses along the vibrant Baltimore Avenue corridor in University City, West Philadelphia. All of the businesses are easily reached by taking the Green Line 34 Trolley or by following the bike paths. You can, of course, walk or drive.
This business corridor serves the diverse West Philly community which cuts across several neighborhood associations: Cedar Park, Garden Court and Spruce Hill. The heart of the community, of course, is beloved Clark Park where everyone can be seen at one time or another. Young or old, families, students, business people, anarchists, artists, musicians and their 4-legged friends all relax and play at the park. And twice a week, the Clark Park Farmers Market is jammed with people buying fresh farm produce.



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