There's more to explore on Baltimore Avenue. You never know what's in store!

Upcoming Events

Milk & Honey Meet & Greet November 1st

Annie Baum Stein and Mauro Diagle are the actual “mom and pop” behind the scenes of the Milk & Honey Market at 4435 Baltimore Avenue. The next Baltimore Avenue Business Association (BABA) Meet & Greet will be held here on Tuesday, November 1st. Anne and Mau take pride in carrying as much locally produced goods as possible. Why buy locally grown and produced? The food speaks for itself!
When purchasing food that has had a ­minimal amount of travel time to get to your plate, you are doing more than just treating yourself to gastronomic ­superiority. You are putting your money where your mouth is to influence beneficial change. Buying locally grown products from a small local retailer is an investment in your community.
Stop in to the Meet & Greet, and meet Annie, Mau, and other Baltimore Avenue Business owners.

Winter Express Shoppers’ Trolley (WEST) December 3rd

Take a ride on the Winter Express Shoppers’ Trolley!
BABA’s 2016 holiday shopping experience will take place on Saturday, December 3rd from noon till 5pm. Our FREE Trolley will travel along both Baltimore and Lancaster Avenues stopping along the way at designated shopping and dining destinations. Businesses will welcome riders with specials, promotions and giveaways, like free seasonal beverages and festive baked goods. Mark you calendar and get ready to shop locally!



Enjoy a stroll on Baltimore Avenue!

The Baltimore Avenue Business Association, (BABA), represents the businesses along the vibrant Baltimore Avenue corridor in University City, West Philadelphia. All of the businesses are easily reached by taking the Green Line 34 Trolley or by following the bike paths. You can, of course, walk or drive.
This business corridor serves the diverse West Philly community which cuts across several neighborhood associations: Cedar Park, Garden Court and Spruce Hill. The heart of the community, of course, is beloved Clark Park where everyone can be seen at one time or another. Young or old, families, students, business people, anarchists, artists, musicians and their 4-legged friends all relax and play at the park. And twice a week, the Clark Park Farmers Market is jammed with people buying fresh farm produce.



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