A Party at Dock Street Featuring Turkish Art and Entertainment

Sunday, February 16th, 6 – 8 p.m.
Join us for a gallery-style art show opening, a belly dancer, Turkish-inspired music, food and drinks!

We’re throwing a party to celebrate the opening of the first American exhibition of paintings by the Turkish artist Nimet Ozden. These paintings are stunning, done in the Ottoman style of watercolors known as Miniatures — not because of their size, which is the standard size, but because of the painstakingly intricate detail that goes into each piece.

Meticulously painted on paper that Nimet makes herself, these highly detailed — and just a little bit cheeky — paintings depict a heady mix of themes, that range from Turkish wives’ tales to historical events to Islamic stories, that represent the artist’s pride in her Turkish heritage as much as her sense of humor and her talent.
Nimet will be on hand to chat and answer questions — in English or in Turkish. Her art will be on sale, with most priced between $150 and $250.
Belly dancer Mariana Marchese will be performing throughout the evening.

About the Artist: Nimet Ozden was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. She’s dedicated her career to pursuing art in various forms. Known for her non-traditional beliefs with regards to politics, religion, and history, Nimet is constantly seeking to question the known, explore the unknown, and push boundaries and comfort zones — both her own and those of her viewers. Her work in Miniatures is no exception, as she reveals in this provocative musing about what the art form has taught her:
“After delving into this style of art, I realized that miniatures can reveal so many missing pieces of information about history and mysteries within ancient manuscripts that even historians and scholars cannot or perhaps don’t want to uncover, due to political or religious reasons.”
Nimet currently lives in Turkey and divides her time between homes in Istanbul in the north and Marmaris in the south of the country.